Immigration Lenten Toolkit

Justice for Immigrants

The Justice for Immigrants campaign, of which FAN is a part, has put together this Lenten tool kit for parishes and communities to use during Lent. It offers weekly resources to accompany you through your Lenten journey. The resources are designed to help you reflect on the biblical call for immigration reform, and act to impact our current political reality.

There are four sections to the toolkit you may find useful;

1. A Lenten Calendar - We believe that with prayer and encouragement, we can change the hearts and minds of members of Congress to support Immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship and promotes family unity. Use this calendar to daily pray for the chosen Congress person.

2. Lenten Immigration Resources - These pages will provide you with stories, scripture readings, prayers and reflection questions for personal use or to share with a group.

3. NETWORK's email series - Sign up to receive weekly emails from our friends at NETWORK that will walk you through each week's theme.

4. Social Media Tools - Sign up each week for a one-time Facebook and Twitter post scheduler.

We hope you find these tools useful and engage in a lenten sacrifice of prayer and advocacy to fix our broken immigration system.

Peace and all Good