Newest Campaign on Ocean Ethics

The Interfaith Ocean Ethics Campaign (IOEC) is a joint program of the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) and the U.S. National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCCC) and their international affiliates: Franciscans International (FI) and the World Stewardship Institute (WSI). The mission is to catalyze a global and national religious movement to build awareness, care, and restoration of ocean systems, species, and peoples. On February 3-4, we will go to the 8th Session of UN Working Groups on Sustainable Development Goals for oceans to offer faith and ethical perspectives.

Our members and partner organizations are of varied faith backgrounds, and we are in dialog or partnership conversations with many organizations, such as the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, Ocean Conservancy, Pew Charitable Trust, and Blue Ocean Institute as well as with religious institutions and leaders. Our team members, advisers, and partner organizations represent a spectrum of faith and interfaith groups, including Roman Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native Hawaiian, and many others.

The Interfaith Ocean Ethics Campaign brings common principles of faith and science together to catalyze a united religious movement to care for ocean systems, species, and coastal communities. In addition to our partner organizations of varying faith traditions, we work with scientific advisers and ocean conservation organizations, to ensure the marine science is on target and up to date.

Nearly half the life on earth resides in the oceans, and the oceans’ resources, systems, and species affect the economics, cultures, and public health of the whole planet. The ocean systems, species, and coastal peoples have been sustaining great damage for decades, which is not only causing increased poverty and suffering, but is sending marine species on the fast-track to extinction and undermining the possibilities of hospitable life on the planet for the future. Marine scientists and sustainable development advocates have been sounding alarms for years. Unfortunately, without shared values of protection, respect, sharing of resources, and long-term vision, there has been insufficient progress and political will to change in international affairs.

Keep checking back in for more on this initiative and for more information head to the IOEC website.