Organizing For Justice

Rhett Engelking, Program Manager of Franciscan Earth Corps (in the light blue shirt), leads the “March of the Golden Calf” in Milwaukee on the issue of money and politics. The March made local television news.

Can’t imagine how you can make things change in the world?

We will help you get the tools you need. Through Franciscan Earth Corps you can be a part of something truly big AND very local.

Our grassroots organizing for social and ecological justice is unique:


Francis saw himself as a brother to all and experienced a world of universal kinship. Our work involves building relationships—in your community, with Franciscans around the country, and with unlikely allies and political figures. Working in strong relationship with one another, we will help you develop as a leader for social and ecological justice.

Strategic and Effective.

We strategize together and ask ourselves tough questions: What are the power dynamics at work? What impact are we having? What is required of us? 

We know we cannot do it alone so we amplify our efforts in coalition with likely and unlikely allies.

The Franciscan Climate Campaign

St. Francis is the patron saint of those who promote ecology, and Franciscans have a special role to play in curtailing the climate disruption that threatens all of God’s creatures on this earth.

Join our monthly webinars on grassroots organizing and climate change. First Thursday of the month, 4-5pm EST.

Email Rhett Engelking, Climate Campaign coordinator at

Franciscan Earth Corps members work on various social justice issues through Franciscan Action Network (FAN) or other organizations, while climate justice has a special emphasis for members.

If you feel called to protect this earth and all of God’s creatures, to share in a vision of simple living for the good of all, and to act powerfully as part of a dedicated community of Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted people, JOIN US.