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A Summary of Events Surrounding Pope Francis' Visit to DC

FAN's executive director, Patrick Carolan addressing a rally on the National Mall prior to Pope Francis' address to Congress.

FAN hosted multiple events to support the pope's visit to Washington DC in September, 2015. We invited people to join us in supporting him, his message, and increasing public awareness of the issues he spoke on by participating in one or all of the events listed below.

1. Catholic Climate Petition (Now until November 30) - Petiton endorsed by Pope Francis being signed to call on global leaders to take action on climate change.

Faith Communities Acting on Climate Change

Fairfield County Interfaith Alliance on Climate Change

On Sunday, October 26th, FAN participated in an interfaith workshop program in Connecticut. People from various faiths came together to hear keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, a senior lecturer and research scholar from Yale University. Mary Evelyn talked about what faith communities can bring to the climate change discussion and how our "principles will guide us through a difficult change" that needs to happen for the future of the planet to survive.