Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking display in NYC

Many members of Franciscan Action Network, especially women religious, place a high priority on work to stop human trafficking. During the past decade, greater attention has been paid to this contemporary form of human slavery which is a global, national and local evil.


From the beginning of our country, Franciscans have been involved with immigrants in our communities. Many members of our Franciscan communities are made up of the children and grandchildren of immigrants. We learn from our historic Catholic experience, that the immigrant is not always welcome in America and we work hard to remind all people of our history when crafting a fair and honest policy that would take us in to the future.


Patrick Carolan at Sandy Hook Riders Press Conference

The call to be peace makers is strong in the teachings and lives of Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi. Francis gave a greeting of peace to everyone, reconciled feuding leaders, made a visit to Sultan Malek al-Kamil of Egypt during the Fifth Crusade, and advised his followers to be sure they had peace in their own hearts before calling others to peace and reconciliation.